Willing Resort is an upcoming luxury hotel located on the hilltop close to Willing village above Sherubling School. The property consists of one main block, five villas which includes 3 categories of suites, the Junior Suites, Deluxe suites and luxury suites.

The property expands to more than 3 acres of spacious area and offers excellent views of the valley, including the majestic Trongsa Dzong, Ta-dzong and Mangdi-chu River.  

The hotel is 8min drive (4km) from the main town of Trongsa, uphill above Sherubling Central School and 800m across Willing village.

Besides the fantastic view (360 degree)  of Trongsa valley, guests can opt for leisurely walk, bird watching or biking to Semjee village (4km), which passes through refreshing nature, rich biodiversity and peaceful surroundings.

Hotel rooms size, amenities and settings are well designed with 5 star standard. 

For more details – visit our website www.drukwilling.com

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