Willing Resort is situated on a hilltop above Sherubling School, across 800m from Willing village, under Nubee Geog in Trongsa. The property expands to more than 3 acres of land area and offers extremely impressive view of the valley including Trongsa Dzong, Ta-Dzong (fortress) and Mangdi river with traditional bridge (Bazam). And we are happy to announce that this is the only eco-friendly Luxury Resort in central Bhutan which is owned and operated by our own local community entrepreneur.

The building structure, architecture and designs are all well-crafted in line with our own traditions, culture and by maintaining local aesthetic looks, ambiance and taste. We go with eco-friendly, green energy and saving our mother nature by using local clay bricks in the construction of our buildings. The solar energy is used in our water heating systems and outdoor lightings. The furniture including rooms designs, bed, tables, sofas, towel hangers and tissue holders are all locally made. 

Amenities and outdoor settings

Most of the outdoor amenities and facililties are free and complementary for our guest. We can host national and international events such as meetings, receptions, ceremony and organize local cultural dances and archery match on request.

Hiking & Exploring Sites

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Willing Resort Details